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Are you a student or a recent graduate?  Would you like to join our Chapter?  Do you need help navigating all of these crazy rules and application requirements for government jobs?   Do you want to know about advantages (and, let’s be honest, disadvantages) of working for the government?  Would you like to invite an AGA member to speak at one of your university events?  Please contact one of our CEC members or use the form below to submit your questions.  Many of our members are CPAs, CIAa, CFEs, and MBAs and could be a great source of information for you.

In the meantime, we asked our AGA members to give advice to students and recent graduates seeking employment with government agencies, and below are some responses we received:

  • Perseverance and patience.
  • Government has many valuable opportunities to pursue and having your CPA is a key to furthering your career.
  • Work on developing a diverse skill set – well developed communication skills, foreign language skills, involvement in external organizations as well as technical skills.
  • Hang in there! There is currently a hiring freeze, but a lot of staff have retired or left my agency. When my agency is able to hire again, my agency will need to hire many new staff members to get back to historical staffing levels.
  • Don’t stay in one position for more than 3 years. You need to rotate to learn and grow for better promotions. Do not stay in one area for your entire career!
  • Networking is important.
  • Select a job that fulfills your passions.
  • Do not give up! Keep submitting resumes and good followup skills.
  • Work in private sector for a while to really appreciate the benefits that any federal government job provides


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