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csWe strive to provide communities with a meaningful “year round of gift giving”.  Whether it celebrates charity in support of nonprofits such as local food pantries, serving the elderly, helping our youth with their education such as tutoring and mentoring and even extending our hand to our furry friends to help them find a forever home, no task is too big or too small.

The AGA believes that the strength in a community comes from within it. So by our members volunteering their time and effort, they too continue to strengthen and build their own community.

Community Service Director



Norvolution, the organization that Della Hernandez, our Social Media Director, volunteers for is holding an event on November 5th at 2pm and they really need extra hands!

Norvolution, is a residence for the elderly, some of which are very active and others not. They are putting on a Fashion Show for family, friends and the community. The tasks that Norvolution need help with are the following:


 Transporting residents to and from the Fashion Show

 Helping residents get ready for their walk on the runway. The residents need and    appreciate a little attention as they gather together to get ready for the show

 Help pass out the programs, get the stage ready, etc.

 Greeting guests.

 Serving refreshments.

 Take the residents to lunch.

 And any other tasks that they may need us to do

 There are a few things that we need to keep in mind when assisting the residents:

 Make sure that before you assist them, you stand in front of them and introduce yourself.

  1. If you are assisting a resident who is in a wheelchair, please make sure that their feet are not on the floor but on the prop where they can rest their feet. Otherwise, you can injure their feet when you start to push them.
  1. If you need to get the resident’s attention and cannot (do not call them from behind), gently touch their forearm so that they know you need to speak to them.

Norvolution is going to have the residents, people from the community, family and friends and the workers there, so they are going to probably pull some people in different directions to do different things.

 Organization: Norvolution – Norwood’s Volunteer Revolution 6016 N. Nina Ave (in between Harlem Ave and Northwest Highway) Chicago, IL 60631

 Date: Nov. 5, 2016 Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Anyone interested in putting smiles on faces and yours? Then contact Della Hernandez, or cell: 773-510-9391.

2016 Recognition

The CEC would like to highlight former Community Service Director Eddie Jones and his efforts on behalf of the Chicago Chapter.


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